Creating a content and social media strategy is a structured process with ongoing goals, objectives, milestones and measurement points and should not be a series of random posts.

This strategy entails many details including:

  • Alignment of social media with client’s objectives
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Ideas for content creation
  • An online advertising strategy
  • A yearly editorial and integrated campaign calendar
  • A monthly content calendar that details the posts and tweets 
  • A conversation calendar that details how the communication should take place between the client & the social media users
  • Establishing client’s online target audience, voice and tone
  • Community outreach and creating ways to build and engage with client’s online customers
  • Establishing a posting schedule and frequency
  • In-event social media integration
  • Outline of offline events for the online community and discussion of partnership opportunities that may leverage client’s social media equity
  • Understanding client’s customer personas and their online activities
  • Measurement objectives